Phosbraz AG100

Manual brazing: CuP Ag 10%

Description & applications

Adding silver to CuP lowers the liquidus point. This addition also refines the alloy, increasing the brazed joints mechanical characteristics, improving electrical conductivity and increasing ductility.

Being more robust at lower operating temperature and thanks to the characteristics mentioned above, this alloy is specially used by electric motor manufacturers, gas water-heaters and refrigeration industry (refrigerators, freezers, compressors).

Its excellent and controlled fluidity, together with its low melting temperature give good resistance to cold and vibrations. It is also recommended for delicate works.

This polyvalent product has self-fluxing properties on red coppers.

Can be also used on cuprous alloys (bronze, brass) with our Phosbraz Flux.

Rods of Ø 1,5 - 2 - 2,5 - 3 mm, standard length 500 mm. Other dimensions on request. Also available in wire.


EN ISO 3677
B Cu 84 Ag P 650-750

Typical weld metal composition (%)

Cu P Ag
83.8 6.2 10

All weld metal mechanical properties

Rm (MPa) A (%) d (g/cm) Density (Kg/m³) R.daN/mm²
650 8 8.3 8300 65
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