Description & applications

A semi-basic flux suitable for the multi-run and two-run technique using single or multi-wire processes up to 5 wires. The flux exhibits good weldability characteristics over a wide range of welding parameters and is characterized by a low consumption rate.

Excellent slag release and good weld bead performance providing flat welds with low reinforcement are additional features of the flux.

Uniform mechanical properties are obtained in the weld deposits as a result of the constant metallurgical behaviour of the flux and low hydrogen levels. High toughness values down to -20°C and low hardness levels are also achieved in two-run welds.


EN 760
SA AB 1 66 AC H5

Analyse chimique (%)

SiO2 + TiO2 Al2O3 + MnO CaO + MgO CaF2
35 25 25 12


25 kg PE-bags or 500-1250 kg Big-Bags

Instructions d'application

Pipe steel qualities acc. to EN 10208-2/API-5L/5LX/5LS and the equivalent boiler steel qualities.

Flux Type


Flux Density

0.9 kg / dm³

Grain Size

2-16; Tyler 10 x 65

Current-Carrying Capacity

1000 A (DC or AC) using one wire

Storage and redrying

The flux can be stored up to 3 years after delivery in dry storage rooms. Flux that has picked up moisture has to be redried at 150 to 250°C effective flux temperature.

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