MetalTec 2300SS

Sprayable "thin-film" single component urethane coating

Description & applications

MetalTec 2300SS is a high performance "thin-film" single component urethane coating. It has been enriched with stainless steel and other proprietary materials for increased structural support, coating durability and chemical resistance. Being a urethane, Metaltec 2300SS possesses excellent resiliency, toughness and flexibility. It offers excellent protection for surfaces exposed to severe weathering environments, moderate abrasion and corrosion from splash, spill and fuming chemicals.

Metaltec 2300SS is an unusual coating. First, it may be applied at temperatures as low as 28OF/ -2OC). Second, it possesses excellent penetrating and wetting properties that allows it to form a tenacious bond to power tool cleaned, rusted carbon steel surfaces when abrasive blasting is not possible. Third, it is fast drying and can be recoated within an hour or two.

USDA accepted for incidental food contact

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