Descripción y aplicaciones

Desalting installations, CuNiAl ship propellers, cladding against corrosion, cladding against wear, gliding surfaces, shipbuilding, pump building, shafts, guide grooves, tube systems etc.

• The weld metal is a Cu-Al-Ni bronze

• Sound, pore free deposits on ferrous and non-ferrous base materials

• Seawater, wear and corrosion resistance; for example when seawater, cavitation and erosion are simultaneously affecting the weld deposit.


CuNiAl, CuAlNi, aluminum bronze, ship propellers, 2.0923, UNS C63000, C630AlBz, Joint welds or building up of aluminum bronze. Cladding (steel) components undergoing metal to metal wear under high pressure.

Especially suited for marine environments. The addition of nickel improves corrosion resistance in heat and rough seawater.


AWS A5.7 DIN 1733 EN ISO 14640 W. Nr.
ER CuNiAl SG CuAl8Ni6 S Cu 6328 (CuAl9Ni5Fe3Mn2) 2.0923

Análisis químico (%)

Cu Mn Fe Ni Al
Rem 1.5 3.2 4.80 9.0

Propiedades mecánicas

Rm (MPa) Rp 0,2 (MPa) A5 (%) Hardness (HB)
700 400 15 180

Embalaje y diámetros

Diámetros [mm] 1.0 - 1.2
Embalaje Spool
Peso [Kg] 15 kg
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