Nickel Aluminum 80/20 wire

Flux cored wire for Thermal Spray application

Descripción y aplicaciones

Bond coat used for ceramics. Corrosion resistant protective coatings with presence of Chlorides and resistance at high temperatures up to about 980°C under aggressive environment. High bond strength, can be machined. Coating thickness from 0,1 mm – 0,25 mm as bond coat beneath ceramics. Made exclusively for arc spraying, but may also sprayed by wire- and high-velocity-wire-flame-spraying.


Application for components of chemical plants or food industry


EN ISO 14919 - 6 - 1,6 - 4

Análisis químico (%)

Ni Cr
80 20

Propiedades mecánicas

Hardness Melting point Spray rate Wire consumption
90 HRB ~1480°C 5 kg/h / 100 A 1,1 kg/m² / 0,1 mm

Embalaje y diámetros

Diámetros [mm] 1,6 mm 2,4 mm
Embalaje Spool Coil
Peso [Kg] 15 kg 25 kg
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