Descripción y aplicaciones

Glassy fused Calcium-Silicate flux with almost neutral slag behaviour for a wide field of applications. Base don the metallurgical slag-reactions (Si low pick-up, Mn neutral) and the low diffusible H2-potential WP 280 is suitable for single- and multiwire SA-welding of mild and low alloyed steels up to 420 N/mm² yield strength, for boiler- and vessel constructions, also in annealed conditions, together with appropriate wire electrodes such as EM12K/EH14, EA2/EA3, EB2, (S CrMo1). Finely rippled weld surface with smooth tie-ins are special characteristics as well as good slag-detachability when welding in narrow gap or preheated workpiece.


EN 760
SF CS 1 65 AC H5

Análisis químico (%)

SiO2+TiO2 Al2O3+MnO CaO+Mgo CaF2
35 25 35 5


20 kg PE-bags


Mild and heat resistant steels in use for boiler- and vessel constructions, also suitable for weldments with post weld heat treatment and enamel coating, such as e.g. P265 GH, 16Mo3, 13CrMo4-5. Further applications are: heavy machinery construction (presses for example) and turbines for power plants together with C-Mn (MoCr) alloyed wires.

Flux Type


Flux Density

1.4 kg / dm³

Grain Size

3-25; Tyler 8 x 48

Current-Carrying Capacity

900 A DC using one wire

Storage and redrying

The flux can be stored up to 5 years after delivery in dry storage rooms. Flux that has picked up moisture has to be redried at 150 to 250°C effective flux temperature.

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